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April 2007

Flash Deep Linking Solutions for Usability

SWFAddress 1.1is it’s name and deep linking is it’s game. This looks like a great feature to add to any flash based web site. I will help direct the users to a location of your web site that may not be right on the homepage. I think that it is really important that as Flash developers that we do our best to make our content accessible and easy to get to. Below is a link to the article that I found on this. Check it out.

SWFAddress – Deep Linking for Flash
— SWFAddress is a new open source project that provides deep linking and search engine indexing for Flash Websites and applications. In other words, it enables the Back, Forward, and Reload buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs that can be sent over e-mail or IM. Recently it reached version 1.0 and quickly gained the attention of top design agencies and interactive developers. SWFAddress started as a small experiment that aimed to enhance a typical Flash Website by presenting the portfolio of a fellow photographer. It adopted all the best practices available on the Internet and became one of the best solutions among the growing number of similar libraries.