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October 2007

Wordress hacks to use it as a CMS for any web site even Flash or Flex

I found this article like most of the articles that I find…. using Anyway I am part of a local community of designers and developers known as the615 and over the last few months there has been talk of CMS systems and most importantly how to use them for content management out side of the regularly installed system. I have used wordpress for a lot of my blogging solutions but just started using it as a CMS for my Flash projects. Most recently I used the RSS built into wordpress to feed some dynamic text boxes on the Eddie P. Briley web site that we just developed. The client needed a way to present news headlines and also tour dates and bio information, so each text box on the site that needed dynamic text is feed in from pages that I created in wordpress.

The following article that I found just gives you some good tips on how to use different PHP commands with in wordpress to pull different types of content. The article does not really explain how to pull this content into flash. I would reamed you do some searching on pulling PHP variables into flash to use it as CMS for your Flash or Flex projects.

Nick L.A. wrote some pretty cool hacks on how to modify wordpress themes and wordpress code to use it as a general CMS platform and not only as blogging platform. Tricks are easy to use for non developers. Follow the link to Digg to get to this article. Pretty cool stuff.

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