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March 2008

Snipplr adds MXML (Flex) to it’s site!

The popular code snippet web site snipplr added MXML to the languages that you can store code snippets for. If you have not used snipplr then you are missing out. As coders you need to learn to work smarter and store valuable code that you will use all the time. This way you don’t have to type the same lines over and over again that you normally use for every project.  

The cool thing about snipplr is that they have a TexMate Plugin. So if you are on a Mac and you code your MXML in Texmate you are just a few keystrokes away from accessing your code snippets that you have stored on snipplr. Oh and don’t worry, if you don’t have a internet connection your snippets can be stored locally. This site promises to be a killer resource for all coders and now that they added MXML and Actionscript to the mix, this is my one stop shop for code snippets for sure. Oh and one final plug for the site that makes it cool. If you will notice the sidebar on this blog I have

Useful Code Snippets

These are pulled directly from my snipplr account using there cool wordpress plugin, so if you have a blog that is a cool feature of the site as well.