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December 2008

TextMate may be dead when developing Actionscript

One of my most trafficked section of my blog is on installing the Flex and Actionscript 3 bundles for TextMate. Don’t let the title fool you. I still really really really enjoy TextMate. It has some great features for sure, but I have to say that Adobe has made a great move in using the Eclipse Platform for code editing Flex and Actionscipt 3 projects.

In the past I have done a tutorial on how to using Flex Builder for your Flash projects and it was a bit of a pain in the ass to set this up. Hence the reason I did a tutorial on how to do it. Even Flash Evangelist Lee Brimelow was linking to my post on how to install the Flex and AS3 bundles. Well leave it to Lee to one up me and I am so glad that he did. For the last week or so Lee has been experimenting and creating tools for better setting up Eclipse so that you can do all your Flash “Actionscript 3” coding in Eclipse.

He is utilizing some existing plugins, creating some plugins of his own and has also created an AIR application that does a really good job of creating the project files and directories needed for editing AS3 code that is part of a Flash CS4 project. The last post he talked about moving this AIR app over to be an Eclipse plugin as well. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Do yourself a huge favor and head over to Lee’s site “” and check out what he has been doing. It will make your Actionscript and Flex development life a lot better and you will feel like you have all the tools that you need. It also sounds like this set up is only going to get better and better.