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Speaking of Recruiters

As a Developer and a User Group manager I have encountered my share of “pimps” AKA recruiters. Now to be fair all recruiters aren’t douchbags. To name a couple Scott Gordon and Tiffany Jennings are two excellent examples of recruiters that do there job well and know how to work with someone to find them the best development position they can.

What’s this all about?
In the next week or two Sept 23rd, I have been given the opportunity to speak at a recruiter “lunch and learn”. Now I am not one to speak at something like that unless it is a Flash or Flex event but one thing that I have been trying to do is help bring the talented developers and talented recruiters together so I am taking it for what it is. It’s a great opertunity to layout “our” thoughts as developers and bridge the gap. I have been given up too a 30min spot to speak. Not sure I can fill that much time but there will be some Q/A that should be cool.

Where do you come in?
What I would like to do is get your honest comments below, of things you would like recruiters to know that would make the relationship better. Also feel free to share the good, bad and ugly experiences that you have had. This is all about laying it out there so that everyone can learn and hopefully help each other out.

So it’s up to you. Post your comments now. I will use them in my talk! I need your experiences, thoughts and suggestions from a developers perspective toward recruiting and what would make it better or even if you think it can’t be made better let me know your thoughts and I will do my best to make it heard.

Thoughts on Open Screen Project and iPhone

I was reading a blog post on Effective UI blog and I started to leave a comment and I relized my comment was pretty much turning into a blog post so figured I would just post my thoughts on the matter here. Here is the Effective UI post that I was starting to comment on.

As a Flash Developer myself I would love to see the flash player come to iphone. Now the question remains to be seen if Apple should actually play nice and join the open screen project. Why have they not done this? I am guessing it has to do with the value of the App Store. If Flash developers could bring games to the phone the I guess it would be some loss in sales but I really don’t see that happening. In regards to the App Store …. Apple could bring a tone of developers to the phone to sell more apps if they would some how work out a way for flash developers to build games that could be sold on the app store. Just a thought I had, as I myself start learning iphone development.

I keep wishing I could just write AS3, a language that I have spent a tone of time learning and becoming really good at. Some of the other things that would be wonderful would be to just be able to view Flash content on a web page and not get the damn missing plugin icon in safari on the phone. What I do know is a couple of things. Apple is a very innovative company, but sometimes we have to think “WTF” and scratch your head at things Apple does. “Why are they doing what they are doing?”

Safari on the phone runs extreamly well and they built it to run web standard code like know other mobile browser. To not include support for a plugin that corners the market with an astonding 98.8% penetration for Flash Player 9 and 86.7% for Flash Player 10 seems pretty lame to me to leave that out for this long as they have. Expecially when you have a company like Adobe who is ready willing and able to work with Apple to make the improvemnts needed to the player to get it “iPhone worthy”.

I truly believe that Apple has the best intentions to supply their costumers with the best experience using both innovative hardware and software. I am sure Adobe is doing all they can too make mobile experiences better for everyone. Over the last few years we have seen there products become better and better when they have taken the lead to work with the community and other companies to make there technology better and has truly made platforms like Flash a world wide standard.

I wish that apple would get on board. I guess we will just have to see. I truly feel that iPhone and the SDK is taking mobile development by storm and it is a great way to go if you want to become a mobile developer and I also feel just as strong about Flash Player. It is installed and used on more devices than any other plugin technology in the world. My personal openion is that Flash Player will become more used and just as powerful if not more powerful than Sun Microsystems JVM. We are starting to see this with other technologies from Adobe. Namely Adobe AIR.

I know we will continue to see great things from Adobe and Apple and as a Developer I am excited to see these things evolve. I only ask that companies like Apple and Adobe continue to do their best to listen to there customers and bring our thoughts and talent into the evolutions of there products as well.

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