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September 2009

Setting up Flash Media Server on OS X with VirtualBox

After doing some Red5 development over the last year I am have recently started working with Flash Media Server 3.5. One of the unfortunate things about Adobe’s product is that they do not have an OS X version of the server. Not to worry. If you are on a Mac (Intel Only) then just do the following.

1. Download VirtualBox (free from Sun) and install Windows or Linux. If you go with Windows I would suggest XP. It runs really fast even for running in VirtualBox and it does not seam to hit the processor quit as hard. If you go with Linux then I would suggest CentOS. We are not going to cover getting the OS installed.

2. After you get your new OS up and running you need to open a web browser in the OS that you installed and download and install the latest version of Flash Media Server.

3. Finally you need to allow OS X to see the IP address of the VirtualBox so that you can access FMS Server. By default VB’s network adapter is set to NAT so basically it keeps OS X from being able to see it. Close down your OS so that you can make some changes. Make sure you choose power off. Now right click on the OS in VB and choose settings > network icon > under Attached To drop down change it to “Bridged Adapter”  and then click OK and restart your OS.

4. Now all you need is the IP address to the VB guest OS. If you go with running windows then that is as easy as opening a command prompt window and typing ipconfig.

5. Now you should be able to launch the FMS Admin swf and use it to connect to your newly running FMS server.