Turn off Build Automatically in Flash Builder & FDT… the error checking is awesome

If you use Flash Builder all the time and you like that it tells you when you have an error in your code “after” you save changes then you have also noticed that when projects get pretty large, auto building all the time becomes a pain. Auto build basically compiles your project ever time you save a file.
In FDT Auto Build is turned on by default. I kind of think that this should be turned off by default. Why? Well, because FDT check for errors in your code as you are typing. This is a feature that I love. The beats having to wait for your project to build only to find out you have an error. Another feature that this allows you to take advantage of that you get with FDT is quick fix. Quick fix need a completely separate post. It does a lot of cool stuff like creates functions, variables and import statements when you don’t have them in your code, to name a few.

You can turn off Auto Build in both Flash Builder and FDT by going to  Project > Build Automatically and making sure that it is NOT checked. If you are in Flash Builder you will not get any errors until you debug or run your project or you can also hit command or control + B to build the project manually without running debugger or running the project. 
The advantage of this in FDT is that you still get error checking even with Build Automatically turned off. 

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