FDT templates formatted the way you like them

Update post: Just after this post on August 16th 2010 FDT released Milestone 4 and added a lot of new options to the code formatting AS3 section of the preferences in FDT. You can get a lot of the formatting that you want out of changing the settings rather than importing my templets. Something you still don’t get as of yet is MXML formatting so some of you may still find my templates useful. Also…….. Over the next few weeks I will be including some custom templates if you are a PureMVC user. I also encourage you guys to fork the templates and share your own shortcuts with the community.

If you like using FDT and you make use of the templates  that come with it, Great! If you are new to FDT templates  are a great way to speed up your work by writing a lot of code for you. Things that we use everyday like for loops, getters and setters, mxml components and more. The one thing that may bother some of you is the way the code in the templates  are formatted.

If you like your code formatted like this.

public function something():void {


Your in luck, because all of the templates  that come with FDT are formatted in this way

I tend to like my code formatted like this.

public function something():void



I took some time over the weekend to reformat all the templates  just the way I like them. Over the next few weeks I plan on adding my own templates  for PureMVC. If you tend to use other frameworks like Robot Legs or Parsley I encourage you to do the same and please share. Below I have a github repo you can contribute too if you like.

There are also MXML templates  too. I reformatted them as well, so that they don’t take up as much room across the screen horizontally. I tend to add more returns so that each property is on it’s on line when defining MXML code.

If you like the formatting that I like and you also would like PureMVC templates  when I start adding them then you can feel free to download my templet file and import it into your templates  with in FDT. I started a github repo and I would also encourage you guys to fork the project and add your personal templates  to this as well.


If you want to import my templates then open FDT and go to Preferences>FDT>Editor>Templates. Select all the current templates and then click Remove. Then click the import button and import the file that you download from my github repo.

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