Download AS3 libraries straight into your Flash / Flex project

If you do a lot of Flash development I am sure you have your favorite libraries you use on every single project. This could be PureMVC, Papervision3d, and so on.

I for one am so glad that I found this plugin for Eclipse. It allows you to right click in the project explorer, choose a librarie you want to use and it downloads and adds it to your project for you. It really is way better than having to copy paste from some lib folder you have stored on your HD.

What do you need for this to work?
– Eclipse 3.2 or higher
– Subversion command line tools (Windows: Mac: To check if this is set up properly: open up a command prompt, type “svn” and hit enter. If it says “Type ’svn help’ for usage.” you’re good to go.

If you have this properly set up then download this jar file and place it in Eclipse’s plugin folder.

To check if it has been installed properly, right click on any folder and see if the “Download ActionScript Framework Here” option is there. By default there are no frameworks. You need to add them in Window > Preferences > ActionScript Framework Downloader.

The plugin has been tested on Windows, Mac, Flexbuilder standalone, FDT standalone. If for some reason it is not working on your machine, then please send me your Eclipse version, Java version and OS name/version.

If you know a framework that you’d like to see added to the list, just give me a shout and I’ll add it. Also, if you have an idea for an Eclipse plug-in, just let me know!

Download ActionScript Frameworks Preference Window

Download ActionScript Frameworks Preference Window

Add your own framework

Add your own framework

Right click on a folder and select “Download ActionScript Framework Here”

Choose the frameworks to download

The progress is shown in a console.

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