More affordable git hosting

I for one think that github is extremely awesome for open source project hosting. However, it came time for me to find a better solution for hosting git repos for private projects. I never really looked at github pricing till just the other day. Holy shit it’s expensive. I know cost can be subject to features and personal opinion but considering there are more inexpensive solutions for rolling your own repo hosting there was no way I was going to pull the trigger on a paid account.

After some searching around I pulled the trigger and signed up for an account with Why? Well yes I could have hosted repos on my own server but I have found that managing repos and more than one user can be a bit of a pain. Plus you get trac built in, witch is a great way of documenting and tracking your projects.

I get nothing at this point for pointing out this hosting solution other than the satisfaction of letting other developers know about a great service that is out there that will only run you $6 a month and you get the first 30 days to try it out for free.

Check out the features you get

Unlimited Repositories

Unlimited Trac Projects

Unlimited Users

Custom Domains

Custom Logos & Colors

SSL Secured

WebDAV Shared Drives

Scheduled Backups

2GB Storage

$1/GB Additional Storag

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