Native iphone and android components for flash developers

If you have been looking for native looking components for android and iphone development in Flash, well here you go.

as3iphonecomponents and android-components

I found the links from the following article about Native development vs. AIR. Some good points made in the article to help you as a developer choose what option will be best for your projects.

People want a uniform user experience

AS3 iPhone ComponentsAnd by “people” I mean “non-technical users.” And by “uniform” I mean “native.” People want all their interface components to have the same look and feel. Its gives apps a more intuitive nature. While Adobe’s Flex Hero interface components are uniform to Adobe Air apps, they don’t represent the components found on each individual mobile device.

You can, however, use AS3 libraries like as3iphonecomponents or android-components to preserve that native experience.

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