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May 2011

Flash Developer with FMS knowledge needed

I know of a couple of open positions for skilled Actionscript developers. Some of the work requiers knowledge of working with FMS but over all a good well rounded Flash Developer could handle the work.

Golf Coach Direct

These guys run a live golf training site and need some work done to there live video app and also some other flash apps that handle scheduling and checkout process. 

Contact "Phil Auerbach" if you are interested. All work can be doen remote. That’s a plus for sure.

Nashville based company Moontoast

They are in need of a Flash developer that has experiance with Facebook API, FMS and just a well rounded developer. 

Contact Scott Gordon – .. They would like someone local to Nashville but if you are badass you may be able to swing a gig remote. 

MeteorStorm TP for iPad

Awesome free download from Developer Terry Paton. Shhh it’s Flash compiled for ios. Shows off how awesome Flash development can be for ios