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Eclipse syntax color themes for FDT

If you haven’t looked for this lately you are going to be really happy to see this eclipse plugin. For at least a couple of years I was hoping someone would build a plugin for managing themes in eclipse. We all tend to not like the default no matter what language you program in. The process be for was going into the Appearance tab in Eclipse and changing the color settings to reflect the needs you have, export preferences and then import every time you switch work spaces.

Well check out This plugin adds a section under the Appearance menu in Preferences. You can brows the site and search for popular themes. My fav in TextMate has always been Twilight so I did a search and found one that was perfect, downloaded the theme and imported it with no issue. 

Amazon EC2 instance running Red5 1.0 an Xuggler 3.4

xu‧ggle (zŭ’ gl) v. To freely encode, decode, and experience audio and video.

In order to build a more complete streaming platform I am working on several different installes of Red5 and with this new Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) I have installed xuggler. Xuggler is an open source Java wrapper around ffmpeg basically. There where also instructions on how to integrate it with Red5 so I copied the appropreate jar files into the red5 lib directory.

A few things to note about the AMI. Red5 is located in /usr/share/red5 and xuggler is located in /usr/share/xuggle.

Public AMI ID is ( ami-6e51aa07 )


Happy development and let me know if you guys run into any issues and I will have a look as soon as I can.

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