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December 2011

Now that the dust has settled

I’ve had my share of feelings about the news coming out of Adobe over the last month. The dust settles fast in the software development world. At the end of the day we all just want to work with languages and technology that doesn’t get in our way, that’s fun to use and just gets the job done.

Lesson Learned : One thing I can say that I have learned from this and will maker sure doesn’t happen again is I found myself defending Adobe, when what I thought I was really doing was defending Flash. From now on, no matter the platform or language, I am going to make sure that I don’t do that again, and if I do, please someone stop me or at least give me a nudge and let me know.

Flash is an awesome platform and I am thankful to work on projects that use flash. Actionscript 3 and the Flex framework has made me a better developer. I didn’t start out wanting to be a developer until I started using the Flex framework. I have learned better OOP concepts, along with better UX best practices. The whole platform has just made me a better software developer.Where to go from here : I’d say do what most of us Flash Developers have always done. Do what you love, find languages and platforms that get your creative brains turning and most importantly, don’t let a companies bad PR mess with the fun you are already having. Don’t limit yourself. There are some awesome languages and technologies out there.

All that to say …. Flash will remain and the industry will still need skilled developers that know what the hell they are doing and more importantly have a passion for the platform they are working on.

That’s about all I have to say about that. This was just an attempt to put my thoughts out there. Nothing too it more than that. I enjoy Flash and will continue to enjoy developing on the platform but I enjoy being an Interactive Developer more.