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ID Nashville is blow’n up – Join NOW people!

Starting in December of 2011 we changed the direction of the Nashville Flash UG. We now cover all kinds of topics in the Interactive Developer space. Check out the stats on member sign up and participation.  

Next week Andy Matthews is going to cover One Codebase – Deploy to Web, Desktop, & Mobile w/ jQuery, AIR, & Phonegap RSVP to be a part.

SWAG! – Andy will be giving out some great Phonegap stuff as well so don’t miss this meetup!

Also a special announcement from Phillip Maddox of Ceed Creative. He’s has been hard at work on the new logo and identity for the meetup. You guys are going to really dig what he came up with.

360Flex – Still Flex but so much more

Use this offer code “communitymatters” and register NOW! This year promises to be the best yet. Check out the schedule.

April 15-18, 2012.

Join us in Denver CO April 15-18, 2012! Tickets are on sale now!

360|Flex has quickly become THE conference for Flex/AIR/ActionScript developers to attend to connect with the community, learn from the Adobe Engineers, as well as community experts, and get the deepest, most technical understanding of Flex and what’s coming for Flex, anywhere.

360|Flex was the first and is still the best all Flex/AIR themed conference. Our inaugural conference in San Jose was a sell-out success. 360|Flex takes you into the nitty-gritty of Flex development, with well known community leaders, giving some of the most advanced Flex talks anywhere. Anyone serious about being the best Flex developer they can be, owes it to themselves to look at 360|Flex as they best option for raising their game to a new level!

360|Flex is a community driven event. The sole purpose of the show is to bring the best of the Flex community together in one place to share war stories from the trenches and to allow the experts to share their deep technical knowledge with the community at large. Another benefit is finally being able to put a face, voice and personality to the bloggers, flexcoders and article writers that you’ve come to depend on.

Adobe is a strong supporter of the community and therefore, a strong supporter of 360|Flex. They make sure that the Flex Team is available to speak and that someone comes to deliver a killer keynote, and there’s a networking dinner “party” as a way for them to thank you for supporting them. You won’t find more Flex team members in one place, outside of Adobe MAX, than at 360|Flex.

360|Flex is a production of 360|Conferences, a company devoted to putting on low-cost, high-content, killer value conferences. Oh and of course, FUN!

Corona SDK build command for Sublime Text 2

After using Sublime Text 2 on a few html and ruby on rails project I think it is an awesome choice. If you are Textmate or BBedit user then Sublime will hook you right away. Naturally I wanted to get away from Textmate in my CoronaSDK / Lua projects. The one convenience that I enjoy with Textmate is “command + R” runs your Corona project for you. 

First thing is to get Textmate Corona bundle working in Sublime. Do some googling and you will find some instructions for that. 

Now that you have the bundle working in Sublime the next step is adding a new Build System so that we can run a simple command and launch the simulator from our project in Sublime. To do this you will go to Tools > Build System > New Build System. 

You will see a new Build system document open. If you are on OS X you will add the following code to the file.

After that hit “command + s” and name the file CoronaSDK. This will add the new Build to your Build System menu so that you can select it.

Now open up your Corona project and give it a try. “Command + B” should launch the simulator and you will notice that the terminal window will open inside of Sublime at the Bottom witch I think is awesome. Enjoy!

If you are interested in taking this corse then submit your email. I'll make sure you get a discount for signing up early.