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October 2016

Haxe Examples

If you have followed me for a while then you know that Haxe has always been something I’m interested  in, so I’ve started a new learning site. If you have not yet taken the time to see if it’s a cross-platform toolkit that you would like to use then you should check out the Haxe how to video tutorials that I’m creating over at the Haxe Examples website.

If you are a Haxe developer and you would like to contribute to the community then please hit me up on twitter. I’d like to have more of you contribute videos to the site as well. @matthewswallace

Checkout our first video on how to install Haxe and run your first Haxe program. 


Daily Haxe – October 5th 2016

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Domagoj Štrekelj

I’m working on Mokha (, which is a small 2D framework for Kha. It’s a pet project, not exactly ready for the public, but I hope others will find it useful in time. Just added a room-by-room camera follow style

Rafael Oliveira
I’m working in a 3d engine for Kha, there is no name yet (I’m not good at choosing lib names), but for now it’s just Sd3 ( The objective is to create a simple engine that can run in mobile browsers. screenshot: Two demos: in desktop the two demos uses a shader with lights, but if you open in a mobile browser, it will use a shader with no lights (for a better performance), and it will use the whole screen of the device. There is no touch controls yet.

I wrote a GML->JS transpiler in Haxe which produces code compatible with what GameMaker itself outputs, therefore making it possible to make something similar to try.haxe but for GM and with client-side compilation.

Matthew Wallace
Currently I’m creating the first of many courses on Haxe that I’ll be publishing to Udemy

Daily Haxe

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Let’s show off what we are all up to in the Haxe community. Join the #dailyhaxe channel on Discord and I’ll pick the most interesting of what is going on and post it for you guys. It will be a great way to meet the community and start conversations about what people are working on or looking to do in the Haxe community.