Daily Haxe – October 5th 2016

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Domagoj Štrekelj

I’m working on Mokha (https://github.com/dstrekelj/mokha), which is a small 2D framework for Kha. It’s a pet project, not exactly ready for the public, but I hope others will find it useful in time. Just added a room-by-room camera follow style

Rafael Oliveira
I’m working in a 3d engine for Kha, there is no name yet (I’m not good at choosing lib names), but for now it’s just Sd3 (https://github.com/RafaelOliveira/Sd3). The objective is to create a simple engine that can run in mobile browsers. screenshot: http://1.1m.yt/GBwaglO.png Two demos: http://sudoestegames.com/play/3dtesthttp://sudoestegames.com/play/race in desktop the two demos uses a shader with lights, but if you open in a mobile browser, it will use a shader with no lights (for a better performance), and it will use the whole screen of the device. There is no touch controls yet.

I wrote a GML->JS transpiler in Haxe which produces code compatible with what GameMaker itself outputs, therefore making it possible to make something similar to try.haxe but for GM and with client-side compilation.

Matthew Wallace
Currently I’m creating the first of many courses on Haxe that I’ll be publishing to Udemy https://www.udemy.com/user/matthewwallace/

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