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ActionSript 3.0, What are you doing about it?

Adobe put out actionscript 3 (AS3) this year. There are a tone of books and tutorials out there now. So do you dive in or not? The short answer is….Yes. If you want to be able to do some really cool things on your flash or flex projects then you need to start digging in. AS3 will give you a tone of performance improvements and some are the new features are just great. If you are a new user to actionscript don’t start with AS2. Everything is headed for AS3 in a hurry. There are quite a few changes to the code and the way you code buttons and events are totally different in AS3. If you are a big AS2 user you will feel like this takes a lot longer but you will see and understand the benefit after you start using the new code. So I guess I am updating my goal. It is Always to “Learn Actionscript” but now it is to Learn Actionscript 3. There are some great books out there. Check out I would say you need to pick up Essential Actionsript 3.0 and Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook ASAP. learn more at Adobe Labs Good luck and keep coding.

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