Amazon EC2 instance running Red5 1.0 an Xuggler 3.4

xu‧ggle (zŭ’ gl) v. To freely encode, decode, and experience audio and video.

In order to build a more complete streaming platform I am working on several different installes of Red5 and with this new Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) I have installed xuggler. Xuggler is an open source Java wrapper around ffmpeg basically. There where also instructions on how to integrate it with Red5 so I copied the appropreate jar files into the red5 lib directory.

A few things to note about the AMI. Red5 is located in /usr/share/red5 and xuggler is located in /usr/share/xuggle.

Public AMI ID is ( ami-6e51aa07 )


Happy development and let me know if you guys run into any issues and I will have a look as soon as I can.