An Introduction to PureMVC – MMUG-Dublin (Dublin) – Meetup

I will be speaking to the Dublin Multi Media UG Oct 14 2010. I will be doing this remote so if any of you have been wanting a basic intro to PureMVC and you feel like it looks way to complicated and you just need someone to show you the basics then do not miss this talk.

If you are in the US then this event will be happening around 2:00 PM CST. Checkout the description and links below for more info and RSVP.

About the talk:

In this talk Matthew will explain the basics of using PureMVC with in
your projects to help you get on the road to better OO coding
practices and make your code more flexible and less prone to being
tightly coupled to a specific project. Included in the talk, he will
also be offering some helpful tips for setting up some code templates
to help you cut down on the amount of code you actually have to write
and ways to speed up the process of setting up your projects with in
FDT and Flash Builder.

Note: This will be an online presentation (and a link will be provided soon) but you are also welcome to attend this meeting at the New Horizons office as usual where the presentation will be shown on an overhead projector.

About Matthew

Matthew Wallace is a RIA Developer who primarily uses the Flash
Platform for developing. He has a passion for the problem solving and
creativity that comes with front end coding and working on multi-media
experiences in the Flash Player, which all started around around the
year 2002. He as worked for such clients as Adobe, Digital Reasoning,
Moontoast, and Health Ways. He also is the manager of the Nashville
Flash Platform UG.