Awesome Flex support in your IDE

It’s no secret that I am huge fan of FDT. Today FDT 4 drops. One of the things that kept me from using it so much in the past was the lack of Flex support. You could code flex projects but there was always a bit of clean up to do hear and there to get it to work just right.

The new support in FDT 4 is awesome. You will find yourself thinking, “this is how it should be”, when you are coding your projects. Check out the demo below and give it a try today. They have a free trial, and if you are a professional Flex or Flash developer, I promise you will love this IDE.

Additional Flex Support

Flex support was improved dramatically, it includes FXG, Flex 4 States and the new MXML 2009 language tags now. We added Flex 4 support for the Debugger, Organize Imports, Quickfixes, Formatter and Toggle Comment in MXML.