BareBones MVC

An extremely light MVC framework built in Haxe.

A quick history: In late 2012 I was on a project building some games for IR5. It was a really good experiance because it was my first go at using the Starling framework for Actionscript.
The client had build the framework we where using to build the games around using Parsley. Parsley has been my MVC framework of choose for the past few years. I came to like IOC and Injection, however we found that the games themself ran faster and more smooth if we went for a simple “handrolled” MVC of our own and stay away from the Event driven nature of Flash.
Starling works so well that we found that responce to changes in data for the game where much faster by using a plain old publish subscribe method and allow our views to “register” with the data model and allow our data model to call “update” on any views that are subscribed to it. Old School plain Jane MVC if you will.
I have Steff Kelsey, the lead developer on the project to thank for coming up with the simple sturcture and conventions we used.
BBMVC is a direct result of the work that we did on these games. I liked it so much that I started using in on all my projects and figured the best thing I could do is create a reusable lib that is cross platform via a haxelib
More to come on BBMVC and examples soon. Stay tuned. If you have any qustions in the mean time please feel free to hit me up. @matthewswallace on twitter.