Bubble Ball – number one free app by 14 year old developer Robert Nay

As of right now Bubble Ball is the number #1 app in the app store. “Big Deal” right? Well what makes this awesome is a couple of things. First and formost the app was developed by a 14 year old developer, Robert Nay. Number 2 the game play is awesome. Number 3 the developer used CoronaSDK to develop the app. Download it now and give it a try.

So, what does Bubble Ball have going for it? One word: Gameplay!

In Bubble Ball, you’re tasked with a simple mission: Get the ball from point A to point B. Each of the game’s 21 levels gives you a different route to navigate with different game pieces to assist in your deceptively simple-worded quest. Place the geometric pieces however which way you please to create ramps, platforms, and even catapults to send your ball to the finish line. At first, it’s easy; but in the later levels, it can be quite the stumper — but, you will not put your phone down until you figure the very last one out!