Corona SDK build command for Sublime Text 2

After using Sublime Text 2 on a few html and ruby on rails project I think it is an awesome choice. If you are Textmate or BBedit user then Sublime will hook you right away. Naturally I wanted to get away from Textmate in my CoronaSDK / Lua projects. The one convenience that I enjoy with Textmate is “command + R” runs your Corona project for you. 

First thing is to get Textmate Corona bundle working in Sublime. Do some googling and you will find some instructions for that. 

Now that you have the bundle working in Sublime the next step is adding a new Build System so that we can run a simple command and launch the simulator from our project in Sublime. To do this you will go to Tools > Build System > New Build System. 

You will see a new Build system document open. If you are on OS X you will add the following code to the file.

After that hit “command + s” and name the file CoronaSDK. This will add the new Build to your Build System menu so that you can select it.

Now open up your Corona project and give it a try. “Command + B” should launch the simulator and you will notice that the terminal window will open inside of Sublime at the Bottom witch I think is awesome. Enjoy!