Designers are from Mars Developers are from Venus

The next Nashville Flash Platform User Group will be held this month at CenterSource. The event is ment to bring up some great issues that Designers and Developers face when working together, so don’t miss this interesting and fun discussion.


Designers. Why do they ask for the things they do and does it really matter?

Phillip Maddox of CEED Creative will discuss the working relationship between designers & developers. He’ll cover the good and the bad as well as suggest tactics for improving your internal workflow all while building a stronger team chemistry.

Phillip Maddox is the owner of 
CEED Creative, a brand-strategy and design studio in Tennessee.

With over 7 years of professional experience from large corporations to small startups he has worked in various mediums and has been a part of many diverse teams.

Phillip has also served on the board of the Nashville AIGA, as the Co-President and co-founded the Think Tank Conference.

Having worked inhouse and on contract in mediums ranging from print & web to mobile applications, he has a wide range of design experience and expertise.