Dropbox advanced sync

Many developers, designers and tech geeks I know have been using dropbox for a while. I have had a free account for what seems like forever. I never upgraded because I never felt that my need for sharing files with other devices was too important.

Something that I just now started looking for and found was the advanced syncing tab in the dropbox preferences. What this allows you to do is basically uncheck folders that you would no longer like synced to your computer. In other words the files stay safely stored on dropbox servers but removes the local copy from your system. 

Why would you do this? Well for me there are two use cases. I use dropbox to share files with clients and friends that are to large for email. I usually find myself coping the file from some other location to a special folder on dropbox and sharing it. Unless you delete the file from the folder you grabbed it from you are basically creating a duplicate and taking up more space. Now all I have to do is share the file via dropbox and then uncheck the folder from syncing (after its uploaded to dropbox) and the share will still be around for the users you shared with and not stored on your system any longer.

The second use case for me is large files that I need access too but not on a regular bases. An example would be video tutorials or ebooks that I bought and downloaded. Sure I could store these on an external drive but what if the drive goes bad or I don’t have the drive with me? I had about 8gb of videos that I created a folder for in the dropbox directory. Soon as they are done syncing I simply unchecked and know they are save and sound for accessing whenever I would like to sync them.

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