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Fix to use Google Chrome for debugging in Flash Builder / FDT

Google Chrome comes withe Flash Player installed and enabled. For most users this is great. For developers that want to use the debugger it is not. If you install the debugger on your system it does not replace or over ride the player in Chrome. This is due to the way Chrome manages plugins.

The fix used to be to go into your eclipse settings and choose to use Firefox or Safari for debugging. Like many developers I have grown to really like Chrome and would like to use it and not have to open another browser just to test my projects.

The solution is to do the following. In Chrome you need to put the following URL in chrome://plugins/. You will see the list of plugins your browser is using. Find the Shockwave Flash Plugin and click disable. After that close all browsers including Chrome. Run the installer for the latest Flash Player Debugger plugin. Launch Chrome and navigate to a page that has Flash to make sure the install went as planned. After that open Flash Builder / FDT and change your browser settings and you should be good to go.

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