Flixel progress – flying space rocks part 6

Well the servers where down today so I had some extra time to do a little more work on “Flying Space Rocks”. Basically addeing a DPad for your thumb. The plan will be to allow the user to choose to put the controls on the right or left based on user settings. I may also allow the user to choose to use the accelaromator for rotation but not sure if I will go that far with it. I think this game will be pretty fun on an ipad or galaxy tab. 

What do you guys think? Accelerometer control, yes or not. Personally I don’t tend to like that type of control. It always feels like you have less control to me. 

For the developers what I ended up doing is creating a custom sprite with my graphic for the dpad and I handle mouse down and mouse up and run an enter frame event when mouse is down. Then I implemented PureMVC so that I could easily send a notification of the new rotation angle to the ships mediator class and set the angle of the ship based on the dpads rotation property.