Galaxy Tab running Flash.

Anyone looking for a Christmas or Bday present for me I think this will do nicely, or hell if you just want to send me one for no apparent reason that’s cool too.

The Galaxy Tab is sure to be a great device. It comes packed with some awesome hardware and software features that make it a way more attractive option than an iPad. I would honestly love to have an iPad so that I can compare the two and see witch one I would use more. My guess is I would use the Galaxy more for web browsing, hands down. This would be due to the fact that you get the full web. Plus you have the two built in cameras, a kick ass processor, expandable storage, and last but not least Androide with Flash Player and AIR support. 

I can’t wait to develop for devices like this and already have some apps in the works so hoping to get some stuff running on the Android Market and iTunes real soon. 

Flash Player on the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Thibault Imbert on Vimeo.