iTerm Background and Text Color Modifications

I wish I would have googled this a long time ago. As a lot of you, I found iTerm way better than the default os x terminal. The lack of setting for changing the color always bothered me. Well turns out it was just a bad UX / UI decision on there part. The ability has been in there for a while.

I really like iTerm as most people in the OS X world do. The one thing that I hated and hade no solution for was the white background and black text. Below I show how to change these settings to make it feel more like a terminal that I am used to.

Go to the iTerm ‘View Session Info…’ window:

iTerm Session Info

Now that you have access to the session preferences window you will be able to edit all of the items for a window for the current session of for the ‘Window’ or the ‘Session’. I made my changes on the ‘Session’ tab so that I could set the default look of the terminal window.

Session Preferences Window

With the changes made you can click on the ‘Update Default’ button to finalize the your default configuration.

Final Result

Pretty easy settings, but I found that the location of these were not in the ideal location. I was hoping that they would be in the ‘Preferences’ window. Oh well, I got it looking the way that I like.

Here is what my iTerm looks like after customizing. I always like the transparentcy setting but they also add the ability to blur the back ground as well giving it a little more of a flat / satin look. Very Nice! Happy coding everyone.