Jumpstart Your iOS App Business

Was reading the following article and the second paragraph below pretty much says it all.

Some of the things that I did to jumpstart my own iPhone app business seemed bold and spectacular at the time: I flew out  to WWDC in San Fran to learn the tools, cut my work hours to 50%,  turned down a promotion and I went ahead and created a “business entity” so I could do business in the best way.

However, none of those things are what made me successful: what did the trick was struggling to learn Objective-C, Cocoa-Touch and then spending sometimes 15 hours each day writing and rewriting code until it worked.  Really, success comes down to consistant and hard work.  In comparision, the “idea” of my product was trival compared to the sheer amount of time spent on implementing (luckily implementing is the fun part!).