Keeping Dreamweaver for global find and replace? Hell No…

I found that over time I stopped using Dreamweaver. It was a great program to go from MS Frontpage when I was learning HTML back in 2000. The program just got to be a bit too slow and packed with way too many things that I didn’t need.

One thing that I always found myself using it for no matter what was it’s global find and replace. From time to time I would run across someone else’s project that was full of static html that I needed to globally change. Dreamweaver is always great at doing this for you. However I always felt a bit pissed about having to install Dreamweaver just to have this one feature. Well no more my friend. 

I have been a supporter and user of Textmate for a wile but never had to do the old global find an replace. That’s because I don’t spend a lot of time in html projects. I am currently on a project where I am again editing a tone of static html files. Well after a little searching you can find that Textmate has global find and replace. Yay!

Here is the step by step

(on a side note a Windows user, and friend of mine Andy Matthews says that EditPlus is great for this as well)

1. Make sure you have all your project files open in a Textmate project. Then choose Shift>Command>F

2. Then type some text or code in that you are wanting to replace. You will notice that replace all is grayed out and not selectable. That’s ok > enter step 3.

3. Click Find (This will find all the instances of the text or code within all your project files.

4. Now you can choose replace all or you can choose to select the results one by one below and only do the replace on the files that you want.

5. After preforming the replace all you will notice that all the files that textmate preformed replace on will be gray in the project. This means they need to be saved. You can choose to save one by one or you can go to the menue and Save All.