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Playing around with Flixel

I took some time today to learn some basics with the Flixel API. I have been hearing a lot of good things and honestly this will be my first trip into the world of Flash game development.

Stay tuned. You will see more of this type from development me in the coming weeks and months. Maybe some tutorials coming soon and I am hoping to publish some of these games to Android Market and maybe iTunes app store.

Over all my first impression is very positive. The api takes a lot of the hard work out of setting things up for game development and gives you easy ways of grouping objects, applying things like velocity, thrust, angles (rotation) and much much more.

Below is the beginnings of “Flying Space Rocks”. Hmmm wonder what game I am recreating? Anyway, in no time I had the basic game classes setup and the ship flying around the screen and shooting missiles.

View on screencast.com »

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