Red5 running on Ubuntu Amazon EC2 ami

Over the last few weekends I have been getting back into looking at Red5 as a solution for some streaming applications that I am working on. If you need a way to deploy a quick server instance of Red5 and you have an Amazon EC2 account then I a the solution for you. 

I customized an Amazon EC2 instance that is running Ubuntu 11.04 64bit and installed everything needed to run Red5 1.0. I also added a start script so you don’t have to boot Red5 via ssh after the instance is running. Simply search for the following public AMI when you go to create a new EC2 instance..

Thanks to Dominick Accattato for helping me find a start script for starting red5 on boot. 


ami-de27dcb7 (updated to fix owner permisssions on red5 directory)

You should be able to choose from a number of inctance sizes. This was very key for me as different size instances are going to be used based on the amount of connections you think your app will need. Keep in mind as of the date of this post micro instances are free to use for new customers for the first year! Great for testing!

I plan on creating a few more customized instances with Red5 for clustering and will share some of the results as I get them built. 

Once you get your instance running you should be able to copy the public DNS and navigate to ec2-public-dns-example:5080 to see the Red5 start page. 

Feel free to commit below if you have any questions or suggestions.