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Speaking of Recruiters

As a Developer and a User Group manager I have encountered my share of “pimps” AKA recruiters. Now to be fair all recruiters aren’t douchbags. To name a couple Scott Gordon and Tiffany Jennings are two excellent examples of recruiters that do there job well and know how to work with someone to find them the best development position they can.

What’s this all about?
In the next week or two Sept 23rd, I have been given the opportunity to speak at a recruiter “lunch and learn”. Now I am not one to speak at something like that unless it is a Flash or Flex event but one thing that I have been trying to do is help bring the talented developers and talented recruiters together so I am taking it for what it is. It’s a great opertunity to layout “our” thoughts as developers and bridge the gap. I have been given up too a 30min spot to speak. Not sure I can fill that much time but there will be some Q/A that should be cool.

Where do you come in?
What I would like to do is get your honest comments below, of things you would like recruiters to know that would make the relationship better. Also feel free to share the good, bad and ugly experiences that you have had. This is all about laying it out there so that everyone can learn and hopefully help each other out.

So it’s up to you. Post your comments now. I will use them in my talk! I need your experiences, thoughts and suggestions from a developers perspective toward recruiting and what would make it better or even if you think it can’t be made better let me know your thoughts and I will do my best to make it heard.

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