Starling Framework with Box2d SWC – (Temp FDT bug fix)

Starling Framework with Box2d SWC

If you are using FDT and you are running into issues using the new starling-framework source code then the fix (by John Olson) was to create a Flex Library Project in Flash Builder and export a swc that has all the source from starling in it. I tested this out and sure enough it works.

I prefer swcs in my projects when using frameworks anyway so I packaged up starling and box2d into a swc and you can download it for your convenience. Enjoy!

Github Link:

FDT displays errors on some Class definitions and imports in the framework.
Also in the are some errors, saying “File could not be parsed.”, “Unexpected Token” or “Found ‘true’ but newline or semicolon was expected”

Especially the semicolon shoun’t display an error, because it is not a duty to use them. Instead FDT should display a warning

In the Framwork itself FDT can’t handle Class definitions with pre package names properly,
e.g. flash.display.Stage in line 144, starling.core.Starling class