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oh-my-zsh makes your os x terminal awesome

A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 40+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 80 terminal themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community. Read more

Make sure you install the plugins=(git osx)

iTerm2 pro tip – autocomplete

Just type the start of any word that has ever appeared in your window and then Cmd-; will pop open a window with suggestions. The word you’re looking for is usually on top of the list!

Use the Find feature to begin searching for text. Press tab to expand the selection to the right or shift-tab to expand the selection to the left. Option-enter pastes the current match.

Paste history lets you revisit recently copied or pasted text. You can even opt to have the history saved to disk so it will never be lost.

Instant replay lets you travel back in time. It’s like TiVo for your terminal!

Map any key to any function. Assign separate functions to each option key–or even remap all the modifier keys. You can customize iTerm2’s appearance to suit your needs: enable transparency, background blur, background images, and much more.

Work distraction-free with absolutely nothing on the screen but your terminal. The tab bar can be opened by holding down cmd.

With 256-color mode, Vim explodes with photorealism: the terminal is a medley of color and code comes alive.

Coming from a Unix world? You’ll feel at home with focus follows mouse, copy on select, middle button paste, and keyboard shortcuts to avoid mousing.
Do you lose your cursor when there are lots of different colors or have programs display hard-to-read color combinations? With the Smart Cursor Color and Minimum Contrast features, you can ensure that these problems are gone for good.
You can use the mouse to position the cursor, highlight text, and perform other functions in programs like Vim and Emacs with the mouse reporting feature.
You can choose to receive Growl notifications of activity, bells, and more. Feel free to let a long job run in the background, secure in the knowledge that you’ll know when it’s done.

Like OS X’s Exposé feature, iTerm2 shows all your tabs on one screen. Better yet, you can search through them all at once. Go ahead and open as many tabs as you want–you can always find what you’re looking for.

Do you need to store separate configurations for many different hosts? iTerm2 provides a taggable and searchable profiles database so you can easily find the profile you’re looking for.

iTerm2 features excellent internationalization support, including support for Unicode combining marks, double-width characters, and all Unicode planes.

git mergetool fix for OS X

I ran into a small issue after updating XCode via the MacApp Store. Basically installing Xcode now removes the old /Developer directory from the root of your hard drive and it now lives inside of the Xcode.app directory. 

If you use the built in OS X merge tool for fixing merge issues in git repose then the following git command will break and not work. 

$> git mergetool -y

In order for it to work again you need to run the following command in terminal.

$> sudo /usr/bin/xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer

Hope this little tip helps.

Web Developer pro tip – LiveReload

I started doing quite a bit of HTML, CSS, Javascript, RoR development. As a long time developer using Flash we compile a swf and most IDEs launch the browser in order for you to view changes.

That small nugget can save you lots of development hours. Textmate is my editor of choice for Rails and Javascript these days. While it does have a “preview” browser it has some small issues. It does refresh but it only stays visible on a selected file. If you switch to another file you have to launch it again.

You will be doing yourself a huge favor by checking out “LiveReload”. This awesome and simple application allows you to set up lots of directories for web development. Placing some javascript on the page hooks up a single page to reload as files change but even better there is an extention for google chrome and ff and any time a file changes with in your web directory it will reload any page you have loaded within the browser for that project. A very small simple solution but one that is well worth the money.

The Web Developer Wonderland

(a happy land where browsers don’t need a Refresh button)

CSS edits and image changes apply live.

CoffeeScript, SASS, LESS and others just work.

Citizenship is granted through the Mac App Store.
Windows permanent residency issues are being worked out,
temporary stay already allowed.

View Manager for Corona SDK

Grab it on GitHub

This is an attempt to create a simple view manager class for corona sdk projects. The goal is to keep it simple and light. basically swapping out one view for another and adding some simple transition effects.

About the project

This project was started for my own personal use but please feel free too fork and add. I would like to add some other classes for doing stuff like modal or popup windows.

Questions or thoughts?

Send me a github message or hit me up on twitter http://twitter.com/matthewswallace

ID Nashville is blow’n up – Join NOW people!

Starting in December of 2011 we changed the direction of the Nashville Flash UG. We now cover all kinds of topics in the Interactive Developer space. Check out the stats on member sign up and participation.  

Next week Andy Matthews is going to cover One Codebase – Deploy to Web, Desktop, & Mobile w/ jQuery, AIR, & Phonegap RSVP to be a part.

SWAG! – Andy will be giving out some great Phonegap stuff as well so don’t miss this meetup!

Also a special announcement from Phillip Maddox of Ceed Creative. He’s has been hard at work on the new logo and identity for the meetup. You guys are going to really dig what he came up with.

Corona SDK build command for Sublime Text 2

After using Sublime Text 2 on a few html and ruby on rails project I think it is an awesome choice. If you are Textmate or BBedit user then Sublime will hook you right away. Naturally I wanted to get away from Textmate in my CoronaSDK / Lua projects. The one convenience that I enjoy with Textmate is “command + R” runs your Corona project for you. 

First thing is to get Textmate Corona bundle working in Sublime. Do some googling and you will find some instructions for that. http://bit.ly/z1OCCF 

Now that you have the bundle working in Sublime the next step is adding a new Build System so that we can run a simple command and launch the simulator from our project in Sublime. To do this you will go to Tools > Build System > New Build System. 

You will see a new Build system document open. If you are on OS X you will add the following code to the file.

After that hit “command + s” and name the file CoronaSDK. This will add the new Build to your Build System menu so that you can select it.

Now open up your Corona project and give it a try. “Command + B” should launch the simulator and you will notice that the terminal window will open inside of Sublime at the Bottom witch I think is awesome. Enjoy!

If you are interested in taking this corse then submit your email. I'll make sure you get a discount for signing up early.