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Eclipse syntax color themes for FDT

If you haven’t looked for this lately you are going to be really happy to see this eclipse plugin. For at least a couple of years I was hoping someone would build a plugin for managing themes in eclipse. We all tend to not like the default no matter what language you program in. The process be for was going into the Appearance tab in Eclipse and changing the color settings to reflect the needs you have, export preferences and then import every time you switch work spaces.

Well check out eclipsecolorthemes.org. This plugin adds a section under the Appearance menu in Preferences. You can brows the site and search for popular themes. My fav in TextMate has always been Twilight so I did a search and found one that was perfect, downloaded the theme and imported it with no issue. 

Fix for break points, line numbers, and other UI bugs in Eclipse on OS X

There are a number of small bugs with Eclipse on OS X that you may run into from time to time. Some of the biggest ones that I have seen are line numbers not showing up in the code editor, break points not showing, line numbers not scrolling when you scroll the code window, errors not showing in the code editor and a host of other small things like this with the UI.

This mainly takes place when I go from having a duel display environment to unhooking my laptop from the external monitor or vice versa. Use too think the the only fix for this was restarting OS X after I make the switch from one setup to another but passing an argument to eclipse when it startes up seems to do the trick. Restarting Eclipse is way faster than having to restart OS X.

Here is what you do:
  1. close Eclipse if it is open
  2. open up a terminal window … (if you don’t know what terminal is then you may not really be a developer)
  3. execute Eclipse from terminal and pass it the “clean” argument like so  
$ /Applications/eclipse/eclipse -clean
If eclipse is installed somewhere else on your system then naturally you will need to use the proper path to get to the eclipse directory.