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360Flex – Still Flex but so much more

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April 15-18, 2012.

Join us in Denver CO April 15-18, 2012! Tickets are on sale now!

360|Flex has quickly become THE conference for Flex/AIR/ActionScript developers to attend to connect with the community, learn from the Adobe Engineers, as well as community experts, and get the deepest, most technical understanding of Flex and what’s coming for Flex, anywhere.

360|Flex was the first and is still the best all Flex/AIR themed conference. Our inaugural conference in San Jose was a sell-out success. 360|Flex takes you into the nitty-gritty of Flex development, with well known community leaders, giving some of the most advanced Flex talks anywhere. Anyone serious about being the best Flex developer they can be, owes it to themselves to look at 360|Flex as they best option for raising their game to a new level!

360|Flex is a community driven event. The sole purpose of the show is to bring the best of the Flex community together in one place to share war stories from the trenches and to allow the experts to share their deep technical knowledge with the community at large. Another benefit is finally being able to put a face, voice and personality to the bloggers, flexcoders and article writers that you’ve come to depend on.

Adobe is a strong supporter of the community and therefore, a strong supporter of 360|Flex. They make sure that the Flex Team is available to speak and that someone comes to deliver a killer keynote, and there’s a networking dinner “party” as a way for them to thank you for supporting them. You won’t find more Flex team members in one place, outside of Adobe MAX, than at 360|Flex.

360|Flex is a production of 360|Conferences, a company devoted to putting on low-cost, high-content, killer value conferences. Oh and of course, FUN!

Now that the dust has settled

I’ve had my share of feelings about the news coming out of Adobe over the last month. The dust settles fast in the software development world. At the end of the day we all just want to work with languages and technology that doesn’t get in our way, that’s fun to use and just gets the job done.

Lesson Learned : One thing I can say that I have learned from this and will maker sure doesn’t happen again is I found myself defending Adobe, when what I thought I was really doing was defending Flash. From now on, no matter the platform or language, I am going to make sure that I don’t do that again, and if I do, please someone stop me or at least give me a nudge and let me know.

Flash is an awesome platform and I am thankful to work on projects that use flash. Actionscript 3 and the Flex framework has made me a better developer. I didn’t start out wanting to be a developer until I started using the Flex framework. I have learned better OOP concepts, along with better UX best practices. The whole platform has just made me a better software developer.Where to go from here : I’d say do what most of us Flash Developers have always done. Do what you love, find languages and platforms that get your creative brains turning and most importantly, don’t let a companies bad PR mess with the fun you are already having. Don’t limit yourself. There are some awesome languages and technologies out there.

All that to say …. Flash will remain and the industry will still need skilled developers that know what the hell they are doing and more importantly have a passion for the platform they are working on.

That’s about all I have to say about that. This was just an attempt to put my thoughts out there. Nothing too it more than that. I enjoy Flash and will continue to enjoy developing on the platform but I enjoy being an Interactive Developer more.

FDT5 has landed and it’s FREE

No more excuses. The best Actionscript and MXML editor is now FREE. Download it now and give it a try. Commit to using it for at least 2 weeks and you will not want to use anything else.

Download Here

FDT5 Free


FDT Free is free of charge and the perfect editor for small projects or
simply to give FDT 5 a try without any time constraints. This edition is
recommended for smaller projects.

Thank God for Project Sprouts

For a few years now I have looked for the holy grail for Flash / Flex Development workflow. The ultimate as a Mac user would be to use TextMate, with some sort of code hinting (see actionscript 3 / flex bundle) when needed, and some generators for creating files quickly, like you get with Rails development.

I had heard about Sprouts for a while now but never really took the time to give it a try. Well this past weekend I did and it is FANFUCKINGTASTIC. This ruby gem gives you all the tools you need to create projects, classes, debug and compile code that you need. On top of that you can create your own templets, and generators to customize your work flow. I will be posting more on my setup and some if the minor tweaks that I applied to my workflow in the days to come.

What Is It?

Project Sprouts is a highly cohesive, loosely coupled collection of features that take some of the suck out of programming.

Sprouts is a modular development platform that takes advantage of Ruby and RubyGems to share code generators, libraries, executables and automated build tasks. It runs anywhere Ruby does, including OS X, Windows, and *nix variants.

Sprouts has been seen working on Mac, Windows and Linux and while it currently targets ActionScript, Flex and AIR development, tools can be easily created to improve any programming environment.

Image courtesy of KatieL366 and the Creative Commons license.


What are are folks saying?

The best thing to happen to Flex since Matt Chotin….

Ryan Stewart, Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist

I swear project sprouts is the most significant single thing in terms of changing my work flow.

Stray, ActionScript developer

Why would someone use Sprouts?

There are lots of reasons to use Sprouts for your projects, here are some of mine:

  • Test-Driven Development is much easier
  • Decouple builds from development tools
  • Consistent environment across any size team
  • Platform independent tool chain
  • Automatically generate project files, directories, classes, test cases, and test suites
  • Continuous Integration simplified

The First Rule of Flex Development (wallpaper)

Inspired by a little dailybooth banter that seantheflexguy and I where having one day I made some desktop wallpaper for you Flex Developers out there that are also fans of Fight Club.

How to link SWC files to a TextMate Flex / Actionscript project

Open up Flex > Project > Project-config.xml. You’ll notice this is the schematic of a file which is created automatically when you create an Flex 3 project. Unfortunately, the Project-config.xml schematic in the Flex bundle lacks these two sample nodes that are in the ActionScript 3 bundle. These are:

<!-- Example library linkage -->

<!-- for swc's
  <library-path append="true">
<path-element>../lib/bin/</path-element> </library-path> -->

<!-- for src
<source-path append="true">
<path-element>../lib/src/</path-element> </source-path>

This file acts as a project-level override to the general configuration file found in the SDK directory. Close the bundle editor. You’ll want to add the following to your project’s configuration xml which lives in ’src’:

<library-path append="true">

Now you can create a new directory named ‘libs’ parallel to ’src’ and drop into here all SWC files that your project depends on. Save the configuration file and you should be able to build. Now anyone with the Flex SDK will be able to save your project directory locally and jump right into compiling

Screencast of Reflex with creator Ben Stucki

Screencast about Reflex

If you use the Flex framework at all then you owe it to yourself to check out this great project. What is Reflex you as ? Well Check out the introduction straight from the web site.

Hi, I’m Reflex

I’m a light-weight component framework being built for the Flash Platform. I haven’t been released yet, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can grab my latest code here. You can also see my roadmap and progress here.


Reflex components are incredibly customizable, light-weight and easy to use. Try them in an AS3 projects to get started and move to an MXML workflow when you need to create data intensive applications.


Reflex layouts are versatile and light-weight. They provide advanced measurement and invalidation when you need it and stay out of your way when you don’t.


Reflex skins allow you to control every aspect of a component’s visual appearance. From custom classes to animated MovieClips – or event just PNGs, we’ve got a solution to fit your workflow.


Reflex behaviors control how a component responds to user input. With behaviors you can customize existing functionality without breaking or rewriting the parts that already work.

Download AS3 libraries straight into your Flash / Flex project

If you do a lot of Flash development I am sure you have your favorite libraries you use on every single project. This could be PureMVC, Papervision3d, and so on.

I for one am so glad that I found this plugin for Eclipse. It allows you to right click in the project explorer, choose a librarie you want to use and it downloads and adds it to your project for you. It really is way better than having to copy paste from some lib folder you have stored on your HD.

What do you need for this to work?
– Eclipse 3.2 or higher
– Subversion command line tools (Windows: http://subversion.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=8100 Mac: http://subversion.tigris.org/getting.html#osx). To check if this is set up properly: open up a command prompt, type “svn” and hit enter. If it says “Type ’svn help’ for usage.” you’re good to go.

If you have this properly set up then download this jar file and place it in Eclipse’s plugin folder.

To check if it has been installed properly, right click on any folder and see if the “Download ActionScript Framework Here” option is there. By default there are no frameworks. You need to add them in Window > Preferences > ActionScript Framework Downloader.

The plugin has been tested on Windows, Mac, Flexbuilder standalone, FDT standalone. If for some reason it is not working on your machine, then please send me your Eclipse version, Java version and OS name/version.

If you know a framework that you’d like to see added to the list, just give me a shout and I’ll add it. Also, if you have an idea for an Eclipse plug-in, just let me know!

Download ActionScript Frameworks Preference Window

Download ActionScript Frameworks Preference Window

Add your own framework

Add your own framework

Right click on a folder and select “Download ActionScript Framework Here”

Choose the frameworks to download

The progress is shown in a console.

If you are interested in taking this corse then submit your email. I'll make sure you get a discount for signing up early.