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Flixel progress – flying space rocks part 6

Well the servers where down today so I had some extra time to do a little more work on “Flying Space Rocks”. Basically addeing a DPad for your thumb. The plan will be to allow the user to choose to put the controls on the right or left based on user settings. I may also allow the user to choose to use the accelaromator for rotation but not sure if I will go that far with it. I think this game will be pretty fun on an ipad or galaxy tab. 

What do you guys think? Accelerometer control, yes or not. Personally I don’t tend to like that type of control. It always feels like you have less control to me. 

For the developers what I ended up doing is creating a custom sprite with my graphic for the dpad and I handle mouse down and mouse up and run an enter frame event when mouse is down. Then I implemented PureMVC so that I could easily send a notification of the new rotation angle to the ships mediator class and set the angle of the ship based on the dpads rotation property. 

Flixel progress part 4 – flying space rocks

Just an update to show a lot of the small but very important features I have added over the weekend to the game I have been working on “Flying Space Rocks”. You will notice I added a score to the upper left, what level you are on, top middle of the screen and I explain some logic I have added for earning extra lives. 

Flixel progress – part 3 flying space rocks

The next step that I took in learning and building my game with Flixel was to add some global properties for the game such as the number of lives the user has, the skill level (easy, medium, and hard) and ways of changing these settings. I have not gotten to build any menus for allowing the user to set the skill level yet so naturally by default the skill level is set to easy.

When the game launches I look at the global settings to see what “level” has loaded. In this case everyone starts at zero with a skill level of easy. This is important because I am going to be using these settings to create logic that will decide how many rocks to place on the screen for the user to blow up on any given level, so when the games sets up the level and chooses how many rocks to place the number is calculated with something like this… LEVEL * DIFFICULTY + 5. This way the game gets progressively harder. 

Also now that I have how many lives the user gets I can kill the ship when a rock hits it and if you notice deduct or kill one of the graphics of the ships in the upper left corner of the screen. I think it’s coming along pretty nicely. 

Playing around with Flixel

I took some time today to learn some basics with the Flixel API. I have been hearing a lot of good things and honestly this will be my first trip into the world of Flash game development.

Stay tuned. You will see more of this type from development me in the coming weeks and months. Maybe some tutorials coming soon and I am hoping to publish some of these games to Android Market and maybe iTunes app store.

Over all my first impression is very positive. The api takes a lot of the hard work out of setting things up for game development and gives you easy ways of grouping objects, applying things like velocity, thrust, angles (rotation) and much much more.

Below is the beginnings of “Flying Space Rocks”. Hmmm wonder what game I am recreating? Anyway, in no time I had the basic game classes setup and the ship flying around the screen and shooting missiles.

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