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am I weird? on the App Store on iTunes

am I weird? on the App Store on iTunes

BBMSC for iOS – A Model, Subscriber, Controller framework

BBMSC for iOS – A Model, Subscriber, Controller framework

Need to search for near by business using MapKit and CoreLocation?

Need to search for near by business using MapKit and CoreLocation?

I know a good IOS / Objective-c developer

Yep, this is a shameless self promoting post, but hey that’s what my site is for. Rather than getting into technical details about stuff over a series of posts about Objective-C, and things I’m learning about the bla bla bla bla bla technical, bla bla bla, I figured I would just come right out and say it. I’m now looking for and taking on objective-c projects. I’m a couple of weeks away from posting my first completed app to the app store and it’s really exciting to be able to say that.

Recently I took on a project and it was to build an iPad app for NMSU (New Mexico State University). I did my usual “lets build it with Actionscript shpeel” because it’s multi-platform and we can deploy to ios, android, desktop and so on. WELL in this case it worked great until I got to one feature that needed to be native for performance reasons. The application required using some sort of Map api in order to draw polygons. Long story short, there was not a good solution via actionscript that preformed very well aside from building a Native Extension in objective-c. The application slowed to a crawl and even crashed sometimes when asking it to draw some of these complex shapes on an actual iPad. 

I took the opportunity to create the exact same app using Objective-C. This of course allowed me to use the built in MapView that comes with iOS. Needless to say it preformed perfectly and the client is super happy with the performance. Recoding took around 2-3 weeks and wasn’t really that difficult. It was just a matter of me understanding some of the fundamental differences in the syntax but honestly now that I’m a month or so in I’m enjoying Objective-C and looking forward to doing more work with it. 

So, if you are looking for an Objective-C developer, look no further than right here.

Contact: Matthew Wallace
m: 615-400-4773
e:m at mattwallace.me 

The Flash Argument With Apple Is Over (allthingsd.com)

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen says the argument with Apple over supporting its Flash software on the iPad and iPhone devices is over. “It’s an argument that the press likes to continue bringing up,” he said in an on-stage conversation with Walt Mossberg at the D conference.

Earlier, Narayen said he thinks the issue with Apple has less to do with technology than about control. “It’s control over the app store that’s at issue here,” he said. “We allow people to author once and get as wide a distribution as possible….If you build in Flash, you can run the apps on other platforms.” He said Flash is supported on 130 million mobile devices, though Mossberg reminded him that Flash “struggles” on the Android platform.

Narayen said that software developers can work around Apple’s no-Flash restrictions by building their applications first in Flash and then compiling them in another Adobe platform, AIR. “If you can build an app using our tools, and if you run it through AIR, it can be in the App Store.”

He also said that Adobe is contributing some of its expertise around type and design to HTML5, the technology that Apple has thrown its weight behind for Web video and multimedia on the iPad and iPhone. “We welcome the evolution to HTML5, and are actively contributing to it.”

MeteorStorm TP for iPad

Awesome free download from Developer Terry Paton. Shhh it’s Flash compiled for ios. Shows off how awesome Flash development can be for ios

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