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I ran across this sweet looking text editor from a Facebook post by Jackson Miller. Oh how I love textmate but let’s face it …. it has not been updated in a long time and I think our favorite OS X editor may start loosing it’s users to new editors like this.

I for one love textmate and have spent a lot of time getting things just they way I like them but I think I am going to have to give Sublime Text 2 a try now that there is an OS X version

Sublime Text 2: Public Alpha

Sublime Text 2 is available now as a public alpha, for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Sublime Text 2 started life as Sublime Text X, and was first available as a preview to registered users several months ago. Since then, there’s been an average of one new release a week. It’s come a long way, and it’s time to open it to a wider audience.

Sublime Text 2 is currently at a late alpha stage. Primarily, this means there are still several features missing compared to Sublime Text 1. These include spell checking, bookmarks, distraction free editing, a full python API, and general UI polish. These features will be coming over the next few months.

Recruiters are Full of Shit

As a developer in the industry I have seen my opportunity for work grow over the past few years. If any of you have found yourself scrambling for work and you post your resume online you know as soon as you do you almost instantly get hit with complete bullshit, template based emails from recruiting companies. If you don’t know how to spot these type of emails it’s pretty simple. They usually start with Dear job seeker or candidate, and they usually “might” say something about the programming language or technology you work in along with a list of job opportunities that require you know every other technology in the industry.

Luckily I have been able to filter most of the over the years and most of them hit my spam folder.

I have heard many complaints from developers over the years about the recruiting industry. It’s for sure taken on an “Us vs. Them” mentality, and in most cases, rightfully so.

I am invited to be on a panel at SXSW  that will be covering topics about Recruiters in the tech industry. I am hoping to shed some light from a developers perspective on when to seek contracts by using a recruiter and when to run the other way, and guess what …… 99% of the time I run the other way. Believe it or not there are a few situations where I would not be where I am today without the couple of situations that I have found myself working through recruiters.

The panel is not meant to be an advertisement for the current company / recruiter that I work with at all. Rather it’s meant to get real with this shit. We all can benefit in our industry if we form real relationships where we need too and create the “win / win” for everyone involved. This may or may not involve a recruiter or recruiting company.

I am really looking forward to SXSW and meeting a lot of great people while I am there. Please let me know if you’re going to be there.  I would enjoy meeting up with some cool people and most importantly …. if you are a developer please find yourself sitting in this session because this will be your chance to voice your concerns and ask questions.

In the wake of one of the worst economic disasters in our lifetimes, recruiters/headhunters can hold the golden ticket to finding a dream job. Mega corporations are moving to vendor managed processes that silence the average job seeker and all but force them into the waiting arms of a headhunter. Job seekers new to town and new to a job market rely heavily on the knowledge of recruiters to shine a light on who’s hiring. What’s not mentioned are the massive turnover numbers inside the “search industry”. 70% quit within the first year and then those that stay wonder why job seekers despise working with them. This panel will feature both sides of the coin. (1) Recruiters (technical) that have proven successful in their respective industries but had to battle to achieve independence among the masses of greasy sales folk. (2) Job seekers (software developers) that have gone through horrible processes and are not only unafraid to share the horrors but can speak intelligently about what the loved and hated. A no holds barred session of what works and what doesn’t and more importantly why and why not. In the spirit of SXSW, ample time will be given to dauntless dialogue from those in attendance. The veil of secrecy will be dropped.


David Sidlinger Code Craftsman N/A

David Sidlinger is a husband, father, all-around swell guy, and code craftsman from Nashville, Tennessee. David has a deep love for his wife, his son, and beautiful code and a hatred for null that burns brighter than the brightest star. He has been bending computers to his will for 25 years, 12 professionally, and is currently working for a healthcare company. A team member and builder, he has dealt with all sides of technical recruiting.

Matthew Wallace Owner/Software Dev Wallace Development

I am a Software Developer who primarily uses the Flash Platform for the development of Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications. My clients are/have been Adobe Consulting, Yahoo, Digital Reasoning, Moontoast, and Healthways. I am also the manager of the Nashville Flash Platform User Group. My latest endeavor is an application dubbed Venueblast due to release in early 2011. Signup to be a part at I have a passion for problem solving and creativity creativity relative to software development centered around multi-media experience. Everything that I do is driven by loving what I do and creating kick ass experiences for users.

Scott Gordon Partner Vaco LLC

Nashville, TN’s 2010 Blogger/Social Media Person of the Year, Scott Gordon, the “Anti Pimp” ( himself, is a nationally renowned speaker on the mechanics of unlocking the power of putting your money where your mouth is. He brings his 14 years of experience in “buying and selling people” for some of the nation’s most successful technology consulting and placement firms, mixes in unbridled enthusiasm and a healthy dose of sarcasm to deliver some real “ah-ha” moments. Scott’s real-life examples and insights will demonstrate how existing relationships can go miles deeper through the use of social networks and social media. He’s a lover of the game, a diligent student and an excellent communicator. Top exec’s at companies like Publix, Disney, Universal Studios, Sears, Gaylord Entertainment and Electronic Arts have learned from Scott. He’s not for the faint of heart, though. His in-your-face views of the misnomers and best practices of the world will leave you smiling and nodding. He literally escaped the Fortune 500 company in 2004 to assist in opening an office for a now national consulting firm, Vaco. ( Vaco has grown over 2000% in just 8 years and recently named as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. magazine. Scott has been a Partner with Vaco since joining in 2004

Tiffany Jennings Interactive Acct Mgr Aquent

Tiffany Jennings has been recruiting in Portland for almost 8 years. Largely focused on the Interactive Design/Development and User Experience space for Aquent. She is part of the Learning Services Team coaching and mentoring new recruiters on building positive talent relationships and staying abreast to changing skill sets and technology trends. Tiffany’s unique (and bad ass) recruiting perspective has helped land her talent positions with Nike, Adobe, Intel, T-mobile, Microsoft and Razorfish locally and globally. V,O,W,L- Recruiting everything from .Net Developers, CNC Machinist to Graphic Designers over the last 8 years, her recruiting experience comes from a variety of industries. Being an opinionated female, Tiffany brings a totally new element to this panel. Currently located in Portland, OR but working with international clientele, Tiffany will be able to contrast and compare mega corps to smaller regional processes

whurley (william hurley)   Chaotic Moon Studios

iTerm Background and Text Color Modifications

I wish I would have googled this a long time ago. As a lot of you, I found iTerm way better than the default os x terminal. The lack of setting for changing the color always bothered me. Well turns out it was just a bad UX / UI decision on there part. The ability has been in there for a while.

I really like iTerm as most people in the OS X world do. The one thing that I hated and hade no solution for was the white background and black text. Below I show how to change these settings to make it feel more like a terminal that I am used to.

Go to the iTerm ‘View Session Info…’ window:

iTerm Session Info

Now that you have access to the session preferences window you will be able to edit all of the items for a window for the current session of for the ‘Window’ or the ‘Session’. I made my changes on the ‘Session’ tab so that I could set the default look of the terminal window.

Session Preferences Window

With the changes made you can click on the ‘Update Default’ button to finalize the your default configuration.

Final Result

Pretty easy settings, but I found that the location of these were not in the ideal location. I was hoping that they would be in the ‘Preferences’ window. Oh well, I got it looking the way that I like.

Here is what my iTerm looks like after customizing. I always like the transparentcy setting but they also add the ability to blur the back ground as well giving it a little more of a flat / satin look. Very Nice! Happy coding everyone.

Taking a deep breath and let your brain do it’s job

As software developers we are geard toward solving problems. I personally love putting the puzzle together and seeing things working as they should. As simple as it sounds the fact that we can write one line of code and render an image to the browser is just cool if you think about it. The reason it’s cool is, it works. I know what the code is going to do when I write it and there is always something satisfying about that.

If you have been in the development field for a while then you, like all of use, you surly have run into the issue at the end of the day that you can’t make work, get the defect fixed or whatever the case may be. Either it is lack of experience with the problem at hand or the stress of meeting a deadline just gets to you, or usually it’s a combination of both.

No matter how may times I run into this type of situation I always seem to forget what gets me through it 95% of the time. Settle down, take a deep breath and walk away for a while. Yes the problem is there and it will not magically fix itself but sometimes your brain needs time to work. It’s as simple as that.

More often than not I will get off work, sit on my front porch and enjoy a beer or glass of wine. If you love software development as much as I do, my brain is constantly working and thinking about it. When I have an issue that I can’t figure out I tend to walk through the code in my brain line by line without even really noticing that I am doing it. I have even had dreams where I see the solution.

In my opinion when we relax this is when the power of the human brain kind of takes over. We sometimes have to get out of our own way and let our natural problem solving self figure out, and complete the problem on it’s own. I encourage everyone, not just developers. If you have a problem to solve and the stress or deadline is getting to you, “walk away”. I promise that more often than not your brian just needs some time to process.

Keeping Dreamweaver for global find and replace? Hell No…

I found that over time I stopped using Dreamweaver. It was a great program to go from MS Frontpage when I was learning HTML back in 2000. The program just got to be a bit too slow and packed with way too many things that I didn’t need.

One thing that I always found myself using it for no matter what was it’s global find and replace. From time to time I would run across someone else’s project that was full of static html that I needed to globally change. Dreamweaver is always great at doing this for you. However I always felt a bit pissed about having to install Dreamweaver just to have this one feature. Well no more my friend. 

I have been a supporter and user of Textmate for a wile but never had to do the old global find an replace. That’s because I don’t spend a lot of time in html projects. I am currently on a project where I am again editing a tone of static html files. Well after a little searching you can find that Textmate has global find and replace. Yay!

Here is the step by step

(on a side note a Windows user, and friend of mine Andy Matthews says that EditPlus is great for this as well)

1. Make sure you have all your project files open in a Textmate project. Then choose Shift>Command>F

2. Then type some text or code in that you are wanting to replace. You will notice that replace all is grayed out and not selectable. That’s ok > enter step 3.

3. Click Find (This will find all the instances of the text or code within all your project files.

4. Now you can choose replace all or you can choose to select the results one by one below and only do the replace on the files that you want.

5. After preforming the replace all you will notice that all the files that textmate preformed replace on will be gray in the project. This means they need to be saved. You can choose to save one by one or you can go to the menue and Save All.

How to use the MAMP Mysql command line client in a terminal

Open Terminal on your make and do the following

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql -uroot -p

The -uroot tells the client you want to log in as user ‘root’ if you have other users you could equally log in as those. The -p tells the client to ask for a password, you can pass the password to the client so it won’t ask, but this will leave your password dangling in places like your bash history file. If you don’t care about that – then by all means change the -p to -psecret where your password replaces ‘secret’.

If you leave the -p as it is, you’ll be prompted for your password, which you can see on the MAMP ‘start page’ in case you have forgotten. If you have done it right you should now see a command line prompt like this:


TextMate may be dead when developing Actionscript

One of my most trafficked section of my blog is on installing the Flex and Actionscript 3 bundles for TextMate. Don’t let the title fool you. I still really really really enjoy TextMate. It has some great features for sure, but I have to say that Adobe has made a great move in using the Eclipse Platform for code editing Flex and Actionscipt 3 projects.

In the past I have done a tutorial on how to using Flex Builder for your Flash projects and it was a bit of a pain in the ass to set this up. Hence the reason I did a tutorial on how to do it. Even Flash Evangelist Lee Brimelow was linking to my post on how to install the Flex and AS3 bundles. Well leave it to Lee to one up me and I am so glad that he did. For the last week or so Lee has been experimenting and creating tools for better setting up Eclipse so that you can do all your Flash “Actionscript 3” coding in Eclipse.

He is utilizing some existing plugins, creating some plugins of his own and has also created an AIR application that does a really good job of creating the project files and directories needed for editing AS3 code that is part of a Flash CS4 project. The last post he talked about moving this AIR app over to be an Eclipse plugin as well. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Do yourself a huge favor and head over to Lee’s site “” and check out what he has been doing. It will make your Actionscript and Flex development life a lot better and you will feel like you have all the tools that you need. It also sounds like this set up is only going to get better and better.

Using Flex to call CFC functions and Railo Part2


In this video I will set up a Flex project that will use the Railo 3.0 server and a coldfusion CFC to query a MySQL Database. The result that we get back will be displayed into a Flex List component.
Download my source files here