Unlock Amazing

I recently started working with the guys at driftlab and the experience has been awesome. It’s always great to work with a team of developers that are great at what they do. Working with them, I have gotten to keep my skills sharp with the flash development, but it has also afforded me the opportunity to do some server side development. The project that really allowed me to get my “feet wet” was the Quaker Oats Canada “Unlock Amazing” app for Facebook. Here is the French version for all my French Canadian friends. 

The app allows users to create custom bowls and store them in there Facebook gallary and also add there bowl to the over all count of bowls that users are creating. For each bowl created Quaker Oats is donating food to families in need. Pretty awesome projecte to get to work on. 

Nothing too special going on with the server side development. Just storing Url paths to images and making sure users can only register every seven days.

Anyway, I am 100% sold on using rails. It made development super fast and tones of resources out there when you need it. On top of that it’s great as a UI developer to have a platform that you can use that is fast and really easy to understand.