Using Actionscript 3 and Flex Builder to make AMF Remoting calls to Railo CFC’s

I know the ColdFusion community has been paying attention to the open source CFML servers that are either already out in the wild or are going to be released soon. One of the coolest ones that have have gotten to play with is Rail 3.0 Beta, soon to be Rail 3.1 by the end of the year.

Now just for the record I am a very new CFML coder. I mainly work in Flash or Flex all day and don’t really care to much for the backend development at all. One of the best things I learned with in the past 6 months or so was how to use AMF and Remoting with ColdFusion8. The down side to the other CFML server where at the time AMF was an Adobe thing and none of the open source server where able to put it in.

Once Open BlueDragon came out I was excited but the did not have AMF and they are still working on getting it in there in the form of BlazeDS.

Here was my experience with Railo. I went to the site,, downloaded 3.0, put it in my home directory, launched the server, created a Flex hello world project, created a CFC, set up the NetConnection to the gateway and “HELLO WORLD” it worked. This was Freaking awesome!

Right now Railo 3.0 is using OpenAMF witch is AMF0. Before the end of the year Railo 3.1 will be out and the team has said that they will be replacing OpenAMF with Adobe’s BlazeDS witch will be AMF3.

In the following video I will show you how simple it is to get set up and running.